Monday, September 11, 2006

My first novel is now available

At last, after a lot of of frustration, I've got my site up at although I still have to sort out my domain name. I purchased three at and just thought I could point them to my website. Me has discovered how naive I am. After all, isn't that what you normally want to do? All the help and all the articles I googled implied it was all straight forward.

But no!

It's what they don't tell that's the important stuff. So it looks like I'll have to host on godaddy. My internet provider kindly told me I wnneded to transfer my domain names to them and it would cost around $200 AUS for a year. Well they can go get ***expletive deleted***

Excuse my french.

On the music front, I'm still sorting out where to host my songs and what mp3 settings I should use. Again, the various sites I've looked at don't give a great amount of help. Then I have to find a friend or relative with broadband (I'm on dialup) I can suck up to to load up my mp3s. I've got sixteen (soon to be eighteen) which comes to around 50MB to upload. I plan to have this done in the next week or so.

And finally ... ta da!!!!

My first novel, The h'Slaitiarr Conspiracy which is also the first in The Rodan Trilogy, is up on as both a paperback and an ebook. I did my own ebook format especially for landscape viewing as most screens are wider than they are high and with a bigger and better font for a screen. Check out the first chapter, it can be downloaded from lulu: ebook or from my site

I did the cover myself:

And coming SOON!!! or as soon as I can do the front and back covers is the second book in the trilogy: Rodan's Enigma.

So until we meet again....